What is the Meaning of Evil Eye Jewelry?

Tree with evil eye glass amulets

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If you’ve ever been to Turkey you couldn’t have missed seeing what it known as the ‘evil eye’ symbol. It adorns the entrance to most homes, businesses and restaurants, supposedly to ward of evil energies.

As with most symbols, the evil eye talisman has been popularly incorporated into jewellery design and evil eye jewellery is worn, not just by many people around the Middle East and Turkey, but by different cultures and many people all over the world.

But what exactly is the evil eye and what does it mean?

In this blog we’ll talk about the evil eye meaning , it’s origins and the best way to wear it.

What is the Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye myth are thoughts of bad will, or a malicious glare, against another. The evil eye is a malevolent look aimed at someone who is often unaware that they’ve been the subject of someone’s bad thoughts. 

These bad feelings, thoughts and evil eyes towards someone, often stemmed from jealousy. A belief in the evil looks were a curse believed to carry power and cause harm or misfortune, an evil eye curse if you will.

In past times when personal or familial wealth amounted to things which could be more easily destroyed by others or by nature – as in crops, property, animals – this made people very superstitious.

The Hamsa Hand, the palm shaped amulet, popular as another protective amulet, originates from the same areas of the world. In fact, the Hamsa and Evil Eye meaning are very similar.

People were wary to talk about their everyday life successes for fear of an envious eye. There was a strong fear of inviting bad luck or actual disaster. This idea also expressed also itself in resistance against excessive praise, for fear of inviting ill will from others.

The belief in the evil eye has existed for a thousands of years and is deeply embedded into the different cultures, particularly around the Middle East, North Africa and West Asia.

Evil eye symbol ceramic ornament
Handmade Ceramic Evil Eye Hanging Wall Art – Atelier Simi on Etsy

As protective measures, an eye-like symbol, the evil eye logo or amulet, had a blue background or a circle with concentric blue colors, was created. This looks particularly striking set in sterling silver, yellow or rose gold, hence its prolific use in jewellery design, whether it be a complete evil eye necklace or the addition of an evil eye charm to a bracelet.

This good-luck charm was believed to ward off negative energy or a malevolent glare and offer protection for the person possessing it.

Evil eye amulets are one of the strongest symbolic images and, as such, are a great choice in jewelry design. The palm shaped amulet of the hamsa is another good choice.

The power of the meaning of the evil eye was such that carrying, or simply displaying this amulet, deflected the negative effects from the bad intentions and preventing physical and mental illness or loss.

Whilst the evil eye originated around this region, the belief of the protective measures of the evil eye talisman has spread across many cultures, all around the world. 

The History of the Evil Eye Symbol

The evil eye talisman (or Nazar) is a famous symbol made up of a human eye symbol, usually in a circle or eye-shape, and often coloured light blue.

This ancient symbol, used by many different cultures, can also be made of four concentric circles of varying shades of blue – from light blue to dark blue with a black center in a white surround.

icon icon
Evil Eye Gold Pendant Necklace – Ania Haie

The most well-known Evil Eye amulets are the Turkish boncuk a light blue glass round with a black dot in a white centre and these are found all over the Middle East. Even jewish culture has incorporated the talisman

The evil eye talisman is used to reflect evil spirits and so act as protection against any misfortune or injury.

Hence, the symbol is not the Evil Eye but an amulet for protection from the bad luck or curse of the Evil Eye. It protects the carrier from the harmful look or malevolent glare of another.

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Some believe the sign will ward off the evil by reflecting the negativity back to the sender.

As evil eye talismans gained in popularity and were believed to carry such amazing powers of defence against evil forces, belief in the powers of the symbol grew. As evil eye beads were more easily made, a great many cultures believed in the symbol – indeed approximately 40% of the worlds population believed in its protective powers. 

Now, many thousands of years later, as tourism has increased to Turkey and celebrities have been seen wearing the evil eye jewelry, so that the evil eye meaning also becoming well-known in the West.

How Old is The Evil Eye Symbol?

Evidence of the Nazar glass beads have been found dating back 1500 BC in ancient Greece. The evil eye amulet was written about as being used on cups in 500 BC. 

Belief in the evil of others goes back throughout history and the evil eye myth dates back a very long time.

Who Uses the Evil Eye Symbol?

Eye-like symbols date back many thousands of years. Romans and Greeks believed in the Evil Eye and hence used protective evil eye to deflect an evil gaze. 

As the symbols were originally made in clay or Egyptian glazed mud and then began to be made in glass. The protective symbol began to be made in glass beads which were easier to produce and its popularity spread further afield.

It was used in many areas and religions around ancient Greece and the Mediterranean, West Asia and Eastern Europe. It’s also found in parts of and South America. 

Newborn children were often protected against evil intentions by being given evil eye bracelets – small bracelets with eye-like symbols on.

What Does Evil Eye Jewelry Mean?

The evil evil amulet is believed to ward off jealousy and prevent haters from harming you. It is said to offer protection from ‘evil eyes’, meaning a malevolent glare from those who envy you or wish you bad luck.

The symbol has been used for thousands of years for this reason to ward off mean intent communicated through a look.

Other Evil Eye Amulets

It’s not just the eye symbol that is used to give protection against someone malevolence towards you.

The Hamsa Hand is also used, particularly around Italy.

Also in Italy, the Cornicello, also called the Italian Horn or, more commonly, the Horn of Plenty was also believed to bring good fortune and give protection. 

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In Egypt the Eye of Horus was a similarly protective amulet and, for over two centuries, was an amulet of protection.

They Eye of Horus, like the Evil Eye, is an eye sign, but also includes an eyebrow and the top part of a cheek.

Evil Eye Jewelry

The gorgeous blue and distinctive look of this amulet is ever-popular in jewellery design. It’s an obvious choice – we wear our jewellery against our body and carry it with us as we move around our daily life. Many talismans, signs and symbols which are meaningful to us are woven into jewelry design.

Our jewellery is often on show and displayed outwards to others (who may be giving us the evil eye without our knowledge).

Whilst this particular symbol, with its indigo blue color, is very distinctive, evil eye bracelets can be quite discreet and worn stacked with other bracelets and so can be incorporated into modern life quite easily.

Celebrity culture as it is today means that many celebrities have been spotted wearing an evil eye pendant or bracelet and this, therefore, only increases the symbols popularity.

Is It OK to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry?

Designed as protection against negativity or a curse believed to bring harm, evil eye jewelry is definitely OK to wear – whether it be an evil eye pendant or an evil eye bracelet with a dainty emblem on, in this day of social media and many people feeling judged, this amulet can give peace of mind.

Celebrities Who Wear Evil Eye Jewelry

Megan Markle has famously been seen wearing an evil eye bracelet and pendant. Gigi Hadid is another celebrity who has been spotted wearing an evil eye amulet, as has Jennifer Anniston,

Pop culture is rife with stars who wear evil eye jewelry. Pop stars including Britney Spears and Madonna have both regularly worn Evil Eye jewelry.

To Sum Up…

The evil eye meaning, created to ward off the evil intent of another, has a rich significance.

Many cultures have had an evil eye history and pursue protective measures to counteract a curse believed to be transmitted through an evil look.

From its earliest known evidence thousands of years ago, to modern life designs worn by famous people or the ordinary person, the iconic symbol is incorporated into items for the home, garden and jewellery.

Signs and symbols with deep significance give our life meaning and also make thoughtful gifts for those we care about. The idea expressed in the evil eye meaning as protection from mean or a malevolent glare being as relevant today as it always was.

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