What Are Threader Earrings?

What are threader earrings?

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Threader earrings are on the rise and are perfect earrings for those who love a fine, minimalist look. They look great with other fine, layered jewellery or worn with no other jewellery on at all. 

They are also very versatile, not only in the way you can wear them but they suit casual wear as well as dressier occasions.  

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Threader earrings can be a cost-effective option if you have multiple piercings. One pair of threader earrings will work to really jazz up your ears if you have multiple piercings by weaving the chain of the threader earring through a couple of piercings at once. 

In this post, we’ll attempt to answer all your questions you may have about threader earrings (please let us know if we’ve missed any or you have any other points you feel we should make).

If you are sold on these fabulous earrings already, you can jump straight to our article on ‘Thirteen Of The Best Threader Earrings’.

What Are Theader Earrings?

Threader earrings, as the name suggests, consist of a long, dangly earring chain, often with a motif or stone at one end and a bar at the other. Called a “threader” because you literally thread the chain through your ears. Because of their length, and the way they are worn dangling both sides of your ear piercing, you don’t normally need to worry about fiddling with earring backs.

You can also get solid threader earrings like these.

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How Do You Insert A Threader Earring Properly?

You always insert the solid “bar” at the end of the chain through your ear first and, whilst you pull the chain through (and this is important) hold the rest of the chain on the threader earring up in line with your piercing  (ie at the same height)  – this is important as it stops you pulling on your piercing (ouch!).

Different Ways of Wearing a Threader Earring

Threader earrings are incredibly versatile and can be worn in several ways (please let us know if we’ve missed any!).

You can wear them with the length of the chain hanging from the back of your ear and the motif at the other end of the chain up against your ear, like a regular earring with a post fitting.

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You can pull the chain through so part of the chain also dangles from the front of your piercing and part of the chain from the back of your ear lobe.

You can vary the chain length at the front or back to suit your mood (remember to hold the chain parallel to your pierced hole as you move the chain through the piercing). Indeed, you can have the earrings sets at different heights from one ear to the other, to really mix things up.

An alternative if you have a few piercings is to thread the chain through multiple piercings – with the chain looped at the front at various lengths. 

My daughter often loves to wear a threader earring in one ear only. 

Things to Bear in Mind Whilst Choosing Threader Earrings

Don’t buy really lightweight threader earrings. Although cheaper silver or gold earrings may look to be good value, if they are very light (which cheaper earrings may be as normally the weight of the precious metal will determine most of the cost) they could wriggle up and through your ear. You can, of course wear, gold plated silver earrings if you like gold and want to keep the cost down.

Lighter earrings also won’t “dangle” and move with the same effect as a better made, slightly weightier earring will. 

You will also want to make sure the earrings are nicely made because the chain which threads through your ear lobe should be smooth making it easy and comfortable to wear. Rough chains will act as an irritant and is a false economy as you may later avoid wearing them.

Precautions To Take Whilst Wearing Threader Earrings

We wouldn’t advise you to wear one end of the threader earring too close to your ear lobe as these could wriggle up and through your piercing and you may lose it.

Apart from being careful when inserting and adjusting your threader earring, as mentioned previously, please do be careful when wearing them. Whilst not quite so easy to catch as a larger hooped earring, it is very easy to get the thread tangled if, for instance, you are brushing your hair. It’s also quite tricky to work out a tangle when you can’t see it properly – and a mirror often doesn’t help but can make it more confusing! 

Always ‘hold’ your earring with one hand on the side you are brushing your hair, whilst you are brushing. 

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