What are Huggie Earrings? Perfect In Your Earring Collection

What are Huggie Hoop earrings? A pair of huggies on a table top with cup

What are Huggie Earrings? 

Huggie earrings are a style of small hoop earrings that “hug” the ear closely. These hoop earrings got their name because of the way they hug the ear lobe, sitting very close to the skin. They are sometimes also called “huggie hoops”, “huggie rings”, or “huggie hoop earrings”.

This type of hoop earring, like a sleeper earring, is very comfortable, is safe and neat-looking and are one of the latest trends and a must-have accessory to hit the fashion industry.

​Although they are available in a variety of styles, the perfect pair of huggies are wider than the standard hoop and sit much closer to the ear – hence “huggies”. 

As a fairly new trend, they are great for those who have a personal style that emphasises a minimal look with a natural beauty. That’s not to say that more intricate designs aren’t available. 

They are a great for those who want to step away from a stud but aren’t quite ready or don’t want to wear drop earrings.

Available in a range of metals, from sterling silver, gold vermeil and solid gold, as well as surgical steel, these earrings are also available in various styles, both plain or set with gemstones. 

How do you wear Huggie Earrings?

These earrings are designed to hug the ear lobe piercings but can also be worn further up the ear. They look great in the helix or forward helix ear piercings and tragus piercing in the front of the ear canal.

Consequently a pair of huggie earrings can be worn in different ways and are a simple but fun way to change things around with your jewellery styling. 

Why are Huggie Earrings So Good?

Huggie earrings are neat, safe, comfortable and look good with casual or smart outfits.

Added to that, there are no more fiddly earring backs to contend with or lose. 

Thier unique style suits both males or females and they suite all ages from young children up to old age.

Available as a single earring for a upper ear piercing or for men or a single pair, they are a versatile earring. 

What is the difference between Huggies and Hoops?

The difference between these and regular hoop earrings is that huggie earrings sit very close to the skin and “hug” the ear lobe or skin around where they are worn. Compared to traditional hoop earrings they have quite a small diameter. 

Sleeper earrings have a small diameter also, although they are much slimmer and don’t hug the ear.

On the other hand hoop earrings, despite coming in a range of widths some of which are very small, don’t sit as close to the skin as a huggie hoop.

Of course, both can create the most fabulous, unique looks. 

The Difference Between Huggies and Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs don’t have any type of closure to them but are open ended and are designed to slide over the out edge of the ear and stay in place by a gentle squeeze to tighten them to the ear.

Huggie Hoop Closures

Whist hoops have a number of closures (latch back, french fitting, endless closure) huggies have a snap back enclosure and these are secure and stay in place very well, although they may need ocassional tightening. Many people prefer these closures than other types of earring backs.

With the “click-into-place” design it is a good idea to check that the closure is clicking or snapping” into place as it should, otherwise the post may need adjusting a little. 

How do Huggies Hoops Stay On?

As previously mentioned, huggies lock in place normally with a snap back closure. 

How to put Huggie Earrings In.

Tilt the earring down a little when it’s open and gently thread the post through your piercing. Once the earring is through the ear, straighten the earring and put the post to the back of the hoop until you hear a “click” so that it is locked in place. 

How to Style Huggie Earrings

The various styles of huggie earrings means there is something perfect for either everyday wear or special occasions.

Gold huggie earrings can be dressed up or down and seem perfect for any outfit. A simple pair of polished gold huggies will look great with any outfit and have an elegant timeless appeal, for men or ladies.

Polished or engraved silver or gold and even rose gold is a perfect choice for those with warmer skin tones. 

Some huggies have been set with cubic zirconia or other gemstones.

The variety of sizes available means there really is a pair of huggies for everyone. 

Because these are neat yet chunky earrings they can be quite a statement piece and suit a range of fashion styles – traditional and modern. 

Many people who have a round face shape find that the overall look of a huggie disguises plump ear lobes really well – much more so than a classic hoop earring which may even draw attention to large ear lobes. 

How to Clean Huggie Earrings

Clean your huggies with lukewarm water with a little mild, soap will keep them looking fabulous. If you have a pair of plain gold or silver huggie earrings, then a silver or gold jewellery wipe will also be ideal. 

If you have a pair of huggies set with precious or semi-precious stones then do follow the advise for cleaning that particular gemstone.

Summing Up

Huggie earrings have added to the current trends in earring styles by offering a neat, safe and great looking hoop earring that suits many different styles of outfit, both in female or male fashion.

They have a nice, non-fiddly closure for a fussy-free earring style that won’t be a flash in the pan. Which are your favourite pair?

We believe as new earring trends go, these small, chunky hoops are here to stay and are a great addition to your jewellery box.

If you’re looking for a nice pair of huggie earrings, check out our article on “35 Best Huggie Earrings for all Occasions” here.

We are sure you’ll end up with a few favourite huggie earrings to chose from. 

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