Guide to Types of Hoop Earring Closures & Fastenings

types of hoop earrings closures gold sleepeers with top hinged opening

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We all love wearing hoop earrings and they are a hugely popular choice of earring, often forming an essential in most jewelry collections. We sell lots of hoops and huggie earrings in our jewellers, from simple sleepers to diamond hoop earrings and, as earring styles go, hoops are one of the most popular styles with all ages.

But many of us have personal preferences towards certain types of earring closures we like to wear – either because they feel more comfortable or from ease of use. This is especially so with hoops as we often own more than a few styles and sizes of hoop earrings.

Here we look at the different types of hoop earring closures available and what they are most suitable for. All of the different closures are used in hoops and huggie hoop earrings from a small to a large This includes tube closures, top hinge clusures, post fittings, latch backs or snap closures.

If you are looking for examples of backs for different types of earrings other than hoops – including stud earrings and dangle earrings – we have written a separate article called “Earring Backs – The Choices Available and Their Pros and Cons” here – there are lots of options including screw backs, lever backs, fish hook fittings or french hooks. We have also written an article on threader earrings here. In this article we concentrate solely on different types of earring backs  for every type of hoop earring.

Types of Closures

Tube Closure

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This type of hoop closure provide a seamless look, as well as allowing for a comfortable fit and are your classic hoops. The fitting is a curved wire that sits inside a hollow tube ending of the hoop. This is sometimes called a spring closure or endless hoop earrings and, as well as proving a secure hold it is used in all types of hoop earrings. The overall look of endless hoops, as the name implies, is neat and tidy small loop and is suitable for a various sizes of hoops. These fittings can be more fiddly to insert – particularly in very small hoop earrings – but once they are in you can leave them and forget about them. Many sleeper earrings have these fittings. They are an excellent choice for those with an active lifestyle, providing a secure fit, and can be slept in (as slong as they are not larger earrings which may get caught). 

Top Hinge Closure

This type of closure has a hinged post which folds back for ease of use. Whilst these are easier to open and insert into your piercing, they are often more expensive than the tube closure due to the more intricate design of the earring. If you strugle with the tube closure these may be a better option for you.

Post Fitting

These type of clasps are earrig post fittings, sometimes called friction backs and are just like a earring post in a stud earring. They are perfect for everyday wear (although not comfortable to sleep in) and the back of the earring is a butterfly clasp, otherwise known as push backs. A great option for small earrings or larger styles, the butterfly clasp can be set a different places along the post so that they won’t be too tight against the back of the earlobe and this ensures extra security.  

Snap Closure or Click Closure

Used mainly in hoops and huggie hoops, the snap closures are easy to insert into the ear piercings and are hinged at the bottom of the hoop. This means they open more widely than the endless loop fitting, making them easier to insert into your piercing although they are most often used in huggies so the smaller the earring the trickier it is to fit around your lobe.

Saddle Back Fittings

These closures feature a little saddle shape at one end of the hoop with a hinged lever post at the other end of the hoop which closes to sit into the cradle with a little “click”. They are sometimes called push-fit fasteners. These earring fittings are probably the easiest to insert into your ear lobe and resemble an earring post and butterfly fitting, minus the fiddly butterfly backs. This type of fitting is most often used, along with the post fitting, in flat surface hoop earrings. They are perfect for heavier earrings. 

Omega Backs

The unique characteristics about omega earring also lend themselves to hoop earrings, although you don’t seem them often, despite their ease of use.  Normally used for smaller and wider hoops or huggies their design is a cross between a post and lever backs much like those used on clip-on earrings, for those with non-pierced ears. They are incredibly easy to use, are very comfortable, offer great support and look great and have no fitting fittings or backs to loose. The back covers a larger surface area which probably helps make them so comfortable.Because of their more intricate design, they are a little more expensive than the more simpler earring design of posts or tube fittings, hence they are often used more in good quality sterling silver or gold earrings.

To Sum Up

We hope this has shed some light on the different options of clasps available for a hoop type of earring and their best use.

The choice of fitting that suits you most will depend on your personal preferences dictated by your dexterity, and how the earrings feel once in.

It can make a significant difference and we have customers who chose their earrings with the first consideration being to their preferred earring closure type followed by the earring style. 

We’d love to know what your favourite earring closure is and why – do comment below to let us know.


Ava February 21, 2024 - 2:44 pm

Hi, would you advise wearing a butterfly with a click close hinged hoop. If so. which kind of butterfly is best? Do you sell them?

linework portrait of Denise
Denise February 22, 2024 - 1:37 pm

Hi Ava,

Unless the earring keeps opening it probably isn’t necessary as the click fittings are often quite secure (check them every now and again as they can loosen a little). I hope this helps.


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