Tungsten Rings – Stylish & hard-wearing.

biker men wearing tungsten rings and leather bracelets

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is becoming a hugely popular alternative material in jewellery making particularly in rings, including tungsten wedding rings.

Men seem to favour tungsten rings and, in particular, tungsten wedding bands, because of the fabulous qualities of the metal, which includes:

    • Strength and Hardness
    • Non-Scratch Finish
    • Tactile
    • Weighty
    • Appearance and Colour
    • Low Cost

Men's Tungsten 7mm Band

Men’s Tungsten 7mm Wedding Band Style Ring

Tungsten Rings Are Strong and Scratch Resistant

How Hard is Tungsten?

Tungsten carbide measures 9 to 9.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale which makes it the hardest metal used in jewellery making and offers great scratch resistant properties.

Diamond, the hardest substance on earth, measures 10 on the Moh’s scale. Only diamond is capable of scratching tungsten. This means tungsten carbide rings are extremely scratch-resistant.

Tungsten Carbides’ chemical composition is equal parts tungsten and carbon atoms. When we say it is  is an extremely hard metal, we mean it is approximately twice as hard as steel and roughly ten times harder than 18-carat gold!

In fact, tungsten is such a hard metal that it can’t be resized or engraved.  It also follows that it has a very high resistance to scratching.

Tungsten metal itself has the highest melting point of all the metals, but it can still become malleable to craft into different shapes, hence its wonderful use in jewellery design.

A tungsten ring is a perfect choice for a man who works in a physical job and who is worried about scratching their ring.

There is inherent longevity to a tungsten ring.

But, whilst tungsten carbide is strong and hard, it can also be brittle, so can shatter if given a hard knock or if it is put under undue pressure.

Brushed and Polished Men's Tungsten Rings

Men’s Wedding Rings Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide makes a Perfect Wedding Band

gold ip plated tungsten carbide ring

Gold Ion Plated Tungsten Ring

Gold Ion Plated Tungsten Wedding Band


Being such a hard-wearing material means that men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands can be the ideal choice for many men who want something more scratch-resistant than a gold wedding ring.

A tungsten wedding band will stay looking good for many years even for those who have physically demanding jobs.

And if the traditionalist in you still feels you ought to wear a gold or silver band, there are even tungsten rings with a band of silver or gold running through them (like the ones below)!

Men's Tungsten Ring with Gold Inlay Band

Tungsten Band with Gold Inset

Men's Tungsten Ring with Silver Band Inlay

Tungsten Ring with Silver Inset

Men’s Wedding Rings – Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten is Heavy & Tactile

The word ‘Tungsten’ comes from the Swedish word “tung sten” meaning “heavy stone”.  Its density feels weighty and substantial when worn.

Added to its strength is Tungstens’ smooth, tactile feel.

It feels so comfortable when on your finger.  It is one of the first things customers mention to us when they handle a tungsten ring for the first time, how weighty and tactile the ring feels.

Men's Black Hammered Tungsten Ring with Blue Channel

Men’s Black Hammered Tungsten Ring with Blue Channel

silver coloured hammered tungsten ring

Tungsten is cheap

Almost without fail, customers will comment on how reasonable the price of a tungsten ring is – they expect the price to be so much higher for something that feels so luxurious.

Rings come in beautiful designs

Men's tungsten ring with abalone inlay

Ladies Tungsten Rings UK

Tungsten rings come in so many styles they are the perfect choice for a men’s ring and are not just for a wedding band.

There is a growing selection of ladies tungsten rings, too.

From plain bands to shaped styles, the designs can be modern or more traditional.  Both look equally good.

brown hammered tungsten ring with rose gold
Brown & Rose Gold Hammered Ring

tungsten carbide ring with wood inlay
Tungsten Ring with Wood Inlay

Tungsten Wedding Ring Sets UK

Other Colours

The appearance of tungsten is beautiful. With a naturally deep, steel-grey colour, tungsten look is modern and on-trend.

If tungsten is coloured, this is achieved by ion-plating which is a more modern, hard-wearing plating compared to gold-plated jewellery.

We sell beautiful black tungsten rings – black tungsten wedding bands are now very popular), brown and rose gold and also blue tungsten rings are very on trend.

There are also styles with the contrasting colour on the inside and the outer edge of the ring which look eye-catching as you just a glint of colour as you wear your ring.

Men's Black Tungsten Ring
Men’s Black Tungsten Carbide Ring

tungsten ring in brown and black
Tungsten Ring in Brown & Black

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tungsten is Non-Tarnish

Tungsten carbide ring with wood inlay
Tungsten Ring with Wood Inlay

Men's tungsten ring with abalone inlay
Tungsten ring with Abalone Inlay

Tungsten has a beautiful high-polish shine to it which lasts, and it will not tarnish.  This means you won’t need to polish your ring or dip it in jewellery cleaner.

You can wipe it and gently buff it from time to time, but this material is resilient and has such a beautiful high-shine it needs little fuss.

A tungsten ring is, in fact, low-maintenance, which can only be another bonus in our highly stressed lives!

What could be better than a ring that you can just pop on, it looks great and will continue to look great year after year with next to no maintenance.

Men's Brushed Tungsten Ring with Rose Gold inner
Brushed Tungsten Ring with Rose Gold Inside

Brushed Black Tungsten Ring
Brushed Black Tungsten Ring

Large sizes

They come in a vast range of finger sizes, to fit even the largest fingers, from sizes S to a Z +3, so they are an excellent option for those who have difficulty finding rings large enough to fit their fingers.

Most of our range use continental sizes but we have converted these to UK sizes on our site.

So Why Buy a Tungsten Ring?

We recommend looking at tungsten if you are looking for a mans ring–whether it’s for men’s wedding band or a ring for everyday use.

Tungsten rings are strong, they look fabulous, they feel luxurious to wear, are scratch-resistant, need little, if any maintenance, are inexpensive and available in many styles.

In our experience, once a man holds and tries on a tungsten ring he is smitten!  Men often fall in love with tungsten as they do a beautiful watch.

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Joanna July 29, 2019 - 6:46 am

This article is so helpful, I didn’t know that tungsten rings were scratch resistant. I love that they look so classy and fashionable. I have been looking to buy a tungsten ring for my fiance.

David Moon June 3, 2020 - 8:36 am

Nice post, thank you so much for sharing this post regarding tungsten ring with us.


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