Fabulous Trollbeads Valentine 2023 Inspiration

Trollbeads Valentine 2023 Love and Care bead

Each year Trollbeads introduce a new, limited edition Valentine’s Day bead. As well as the gorgeous glass Trollbeads Love and Care bead introduced for Trollbeads Valentine 2023, Trollbeads still have lots of beautiful beads to make a heartfelt gift for Valentines Day. Below are a few of our favourites.

Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace with Love & Care and Sweetheart Beads

Trollbeads Valentine 2023 Love and Care Bead

With shades of bright pink and tendrils of golden glitter branches with a light pink flower bud on the end, edged in soft white, this bead ticks all the boxes. The friendly little ladybird completes the look. We think this is one of Trollbeads best Valentine’s beads.

Trollbeads Valentine Bead

A chunky silver bead, with six hearts around the bead creating three “windows” through which a Swarovski crystal sparkles, each in a different shade of pink to red. This bead looks fabulous worn on a Trollbeads silver bangle.

Trollbeads Valentine’s Hearts Bead

Introduced for Valentine’s Day 2022 a opaque glass bead in soft pinks with two hearts held together in the glass, at intervals around the bead against the pale background.

Other Trollbeads That Share The Love

There are, of course, plenty of other Trollbeads which share the message of love, connection and togetherness. Below we’ve compiled some of our favourites.

We hope this is whetted your appetite. Just click the button below to view our Trollbeads collection.

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