Trollbeads Ultimate Collectors Case Limited Edition

Trollbeads ultimate collectors case in black

Trollbeads Ultimate Collectors Case

Limited Edition - Only 500 Made for the UK

Update: This case is no longer available.

Trollbeads have made several collectors cases over the years.

However, most haven’t been large enough to accommodate a large collection…. until now.

Trollbeads Ultimate Collectors jewellery box for modern charm beads
Trollbeads Ultimate Collectors Case

The ultimate collector’s case included eight removable rods, a large grid area suitable for storing your bracelets or bangles and a smaller grid section, which could hold individual beads.

The Case also had a plain black velvet tray that could be used for rearranging your bracelets and fantasy necklaces.

The black luxurious velvet lining of the case is the perfect place to store your precious beads and other pieces of jewellery, not just Trollbeads.

It sold for £99 and just 500 were made for the UK, so it was extremely limited.  

We had very limited stock and they were soon sold.

A perfect Christmas present for the ultimate Trollbead Collector!

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