Trollbeads Polished Silver Fantasy Necklace

Trollbeads Polished Silver Fantasy Necklace with Beads

A New Fantasy Necklace From Trollbeads

A long-awaited addition to the range

In 2014 Trollbeads released some very exciting news.  They announced that they were launching a polished fantasy necklace. 


Not made of the usual oxidised silver,  it remains in a shiny polished silver.


Initially, they will only be available in the UK and have only been made available to the top 30 retailers in the country which, we are delighted to say, includes us.


We have been keen on Trollbeads introducing some polished silver beads or chains for a long time – it is the most requested thing we hear from our customers in the shop. 

Trollbeads Polished Fantasy necklace
Trollbeads Polished Fantasy Pendants

In our opinion, no one can doubt the superior design and quality of Trollbeads compared to the other brands.  Everyone loves the stunning glass beads.  Customers love the meanings attached to the silver beads, and how each bead on their bracelet is so meaningful to them. 


But a real stumbling block for some potential customers is that they just aren’t as keen on the appearance of the oxidised silver of the chain and silver beads.  And to some customers, it puts them off the brand altogether which we feel is such a shame.  


However, there is a reason for the oxidised silver.  Lise Aagard, we were told, has designed the oxidised chain so that it will always look just as it did on the day you bought it.  In 20 years time, your Trollbeads chain will look exactly as it did when it was new.  How wonderful is that? 


We love this about the Trollbeads brand – their brand quality and value to their customers is paramount in everything they do.

Trollbeads Polished Silver Fantasy Necklace with Beads

We love the look of the polished fantasy necklace! This is a big and very positive step to fulfilling the needs of those customers who love a bright, shiny silver look to their jewellery.


At the moment it is only available in the 90cm length, although this is the most popular length chain anyway. 


We hope the chain is really popular with customers so that the sales will reflect the fact that customers are asking for a more complete range of polished silver in the Trollbeads collection and it may encourage the Trollbeads team to make more items in polished silver.


What do you think? Do you like it? Or do you think it’s veering off into something that isn’t “Trollbeads”?


We would love to hear your thoughts.

Trollbeads Polished Fantasy Necklace laying on its side
Trollbeads Polished Fantasy Necklace

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