Trollbeads Copper collection launch

Trollbeads Seabed Copper Bangle

Trollbeads Copper Collection

An exciting new material for Trollbeads

There’s exciting news for all Trollbeads fans! Trollbeads have decided to introduce a new material to their range … Copper! 

The launch date is Thursday 30th April 2015 and a copper bangle, copper stoppers and a gorgeous copper bead are being introduced.

Copper will be a cheaper alternative than silver, with the bangle priced at £50 (compared to £90 in silver); the copper stoppers are £8 (£15 in silver) and the copper bead retails for £25.

In true Trollbeads fashion, the Trollbeads team have also thought of a marvellous way of helping anyone who wants to start on the copper range by bringing out a wonderful ready-made bangle offer with a great saving.

The Seabed Copper Bangle Offer

This wonderful offer, which sells for £90 instead of £108 if bought separately.

It consists of the Copper Bangle (available in X Small, Small and Medium sizes), a Seabed glass bead from the existing Trollbeads range and two copper stoppers to keep the bead in place.

We love the combination of the bright, vibrant green bead speckled with the gold and bronze-coloured glitter within the bead against the warm copper of the bangle and stoppers.

The initial response from our customers has been fantastic and we sold out our supplies on the first day.  

Our customers think the green of the Seabed bead looks particularly good against the copper colour of the stoppers and bangle, and we agree.  

Trollbeads Seabed Copper Bangle
Trollbeads Seabed Copper Bangle

Copper in jewellery

Copper is thought to be the first metal used in creating jewellery, and its use dates back 10,000 years.  It is a soft metal and very malleable and is one of the few metals that could be used as it was found and this is probably why it was one of the first materials used in jewellery making. 

It’s a very eco-friendly material as it can be recycled without any loss of its original mined quality, making it the third most recycled metal.

Apparently, over of the copper mined since it was discovered thousands of years ago is still in use today.

Copper is an extremely durable metal and is often used in products designed to last a very long time, such as building wire, water pipes, and tube fittings.

As jewellery, copper will last a lifetime or longer, when cared for properly.

We have all heard of copper’s health-promoting qualities. Copper is believed to strengthen your health and balance your body. Some wearers of copper jewellery find it relieves the symptoms of arthritis and circulation problems.

It is a versatile metal that reacts to your body when worn and becomes more beautiful and personal over time.

Trollbeads Copper Bangles Stack
Trollbeads Copper Bangles Stack

Care of your Copper Jewellery

You can keep your jewellery clean by washing it occasionally in lukewarm, soapy water and drying with a soft cloth.  Or try a little copper polish on a soft cloth.

If your copper jewellery should tarnish please remember that this is completely natural and can be reversed.  

Your jewellery can easily be cleaned using a combination of salt and vinegar or by using lemons (detailed in our blog here). 

We have also read, although this is not endorsed by Trollbeads, that ketchup works well!  It seems to be the acidic nature of the cleaning medium that cleans the copper so well.  

A combination of salt and vinegar reduces oxidisation from copper.  Pour a little vinegar and salt over the copper, rub it into the metal and keep rubbing to remove any tarnishing and grime.  Rinse off with water and rub dry with a soft cloth.  

With lemon juice, you should cut two lemons in half, add a little salt to the lemons and rub over the copper until all tarnish is removed. Rinse and polish with a soft cloth as before. The piece of copper jewellery should regain its shine and look new again.

Image of lady cleaning a Copper Trollbeads bangle with a cloth
Cleaning a Copper Trollbeads Bangle

Our view of the Copper Collection 

Some of the staff here at Carathea and Jools were sceptical of the how Copper would look when we first heard of this new material but, on seeing the collection “in the flesh” as it were, we are all sold on it.  

The general consensus here is that the colour is warm and rich looking and will look great on bronzed and tanned skins. 

We have had a play with some strong, bright coloured beads which look fabulous against the reddish-brown of the copper.  

We love the bright turquoise colours of the Waterfall bead which will complement the rich copper beautifully. We think also that more autumnal colours will look amazing, such as the Sun and Soil bead (we are going to try this out).

We sell a lot of magnetic and copper jewellery in the shop for the health-promoting properties they are believed to carry (some of our customers swear they work), so we think this is a super, more contemporary way to wear copper.

We think it’s going to be very popular with customers as the copper beads have a similar look to the recent hematite beads (from the Spring 2015 collection) which have been very well received by our customers so far.   

What do you think?

We would love to hear your comments and see any photographs you have about the Trollbeads Copper launch. Do drop us a comment below. bright tur

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