Trollbeads Black Friday Bead 2017

Trollbeads Shimmer Royal Bead Black Friday 2017 from Jools
A row of Shimmer Royal Beads.

Trollbeads are releasing the 2017 Black Friday bead on 24th November and it is a cracker! 

A limited edition bead (we haven’t yet been told how many are being released), made in Italian glass in a beautiful purple-blue colour with a sprinkling of glitter sparking throughout the glass.

To add to the sparkle, the bead has a faceted surface, just as the previous beads created for Black Friday events have been.

Called the Trollbeads Shimmer Royal’ bead, it is priced at £45.

Trollbeads Shimmer Royal Bead Black Friday 2017 from Jools
Shimmer Royal Bead £45

The Shimmer Royal is a beautiful bead and, on seeing the sneak previews in pictures before its release, we wondered if the 2017 Black Friday bead would be the same glass bead used in the Wishful Sky debut bracelets, released around the same time, and which our Trollbeads customers adored but are no longer available. 

But, having received a batch of the Shimmer Royal beads now in store, we have seen that it is not the same bead, although it is similar.

The bead used on the Wishful Sky bracelet is a rich blue and this one is more purple-blue and it doesn’t have as many swirls and wisp’s of colours throughout the bead as does the one on the Wishful Sky bracelet.

Trollbeads Black Friday Creations

Trollbeads first created a Black Friday Limited Edition bead to help get into the spirit of the occasion in 2015 with their Italian glass bead ‘Midnight Brilliance’ – a sultry faceted black glass bead with splashes of copper-coloured glitter laying within the glass.

The design proved popular with our customers.

Each bead was unique, as is always the case with the Trollbeads glass beads, but this becomes clear in beads like this one with splashes of sparkles within them.    

Trollbeads Midnight Brilliance Black Friday 2015 Glass Bead
Trollbeads Black Friday 2015 Limited Edition Bead 'Midnight Brilliance'
Trollbeads Black Friday 2016 Limited Edition Bead 'Daylight Brilliance'
Trollbeads Black Friday 2016 Limited Edition Bead 'Daylight Brilliance'

Black Friday 2016 limited edition bead was called ‘Daylight Brilliance‘.

It was another Italian glass bead in silvery grey, again with copper-coloured inclusions.

In our shop and on our website this bead was not as popular with our customers as the 2015 Black Friday bead.

Please let us know what you think of this latest Black Friday bead, compared to the previous ones. As always, we love to hear your views.

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