Titanium Jewellery – A Very Special Metal

titanium jewellery and watches

Titanium is an incredible metal and you may have heard of it from the increase in popularity of titanium jewellery and, in particular, titanium wedding rings, which are becoming increasingly popular now.

But why is titanium such a good choice to be used in jewellery? It’s a very special and incredibly versatile metal, which we’ll tell you about in this article. 

men's Titanium puzzle ring


Men’s Titanium Puzzle Ring £29

What is Titanium?

Titanium was discovered in 1791 in Cornwall by William Gregor. Much later, a method of extracting it was discovered and a new name was thought of for the metal. Called Titanium, after The Titans, the sons of the Earth Goddess it is a very special metal.

Why is Titanium Jewellery So Special?

TItanium Is A Very Strong Metal

Titanium has the hardest strength to weight ratio of any metal. This means the metal is incredibly strong and hard but is very light.

It is light – 45% lighter than steel – because it has such a low density.

Titanium is a strong as steel and twice as strong as aluminium.

Titanium Doesn’t Corrode or Rust

When subjected to the air titanium forms a protective layer of oxide over the surface which protects it from corrosion.

Titanium Is Very Inert.

Titanium metal is very unreactive to the elements or other metals. For this reason, it is hypoallergenic and used in body implants. 

Titanium jewellery is the perfect choice for those that have allergies and find other metals irritate them, particularly with earrings. 

Titanium is Inexpensive

Titanium jewellery is such an inexpensive purchase. Men are amazed at how cool the rings are, how great they feel to wear, their strength and their lightness, yet the price tag is something that almost anyone can comfortably afford.

Perfect for Sport and Every Day Wear

Because titanium is non-reactive and doesn’t corrode with seawater or other elements, it is a perfect material for jewellery worn by sportspeople. It also is very comfortable because it is so lightweight.

Does Titanium Scratch?

Titanium is not scratch-resistant. Whilst titanium is a very strong metal, it is not very hard so it therefore not scratch-proof. The scratches will be on the surface of the material and may be able to be polished or buffed out.

Titanium won’t bend or dent but the surface may scratch. This does add to the look, though and looks really cool. You can polish the ring out with a nylon pad.

Does Titanium Tarnish?

Whilst titanium is a very inert metal and doesn’t corrode in water.

Titanium wedding ring


Titanium Wedding Ring £22


Titanium Wedding Rings

Because it is a great material for everyday wear, titanium rings make perfect wedding rings. They are also available in a wide range of styles and can hold stones in a channel, or bezel setting.

As the metal is so hard, it isn’t possible for them to be shaped into claws to hold a stone. 

A titanium wedding ring is a perfect choice for a man who wants a great-looking ring that is also highly practical and easy to wear and is inexpensive (meaning the bride can put that extra towards her ring, maybe!).

Titanium Watches

Titanium watches are a great choice, particularly for men, and look really good. They have a nice grey finish, are incredibly lightweight and strong. Whilst strong, they can scratch on the top surface layer, but this adds to the “rugged” look.

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