The Meaning Of Your Infinity Necklace

Silver Infinity necklace with single diamond set in the infinity sign

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Jewellery is all about sentiment and meaning. Whether it is for a gift for another or something that holds special meaning in your heart, a piece of jewellery can sum up a thousand words.

As such, symbols have played a huge part in jewellery making for hundreds of years but have really gained in popularity in modern times. Some, like the evil eye symbol have only grown more widespread. Often the origins of symbols can evolve over time.

In this blog, we talk about the Infinity sign used in jewellery, particularly the infinity necklace.

gold plated infinity ring
Double Infinity Stacking Ring

The Origins of the Infinity Sign

Originally the infinity symbol was called the Lemniscate by ancient philosophers, meaning “ribbon”. It has a spiritual meaning and was seen on Saint Boniface’s cross.

The infinity sign was introduced as a mathematical sign in 1655 by John Wallis.

Leonhard Euler also introduced a symbol in mathematics very much like the infinity sign called ‘absolute infinitus’, meaning “unboundedness”, which was open at both ends very much like the yin-yang sign.

In mathematics it now represents potential infinity.

14k Gold Infinity Necklace – ShopandJewelry on Etsy

Infinity Jewellery

The infinity symbol is an elegant, tactile shape and lends itself beautifully to items of jewellery. With no beginning and no end, the symbolism seems obvious. It makes a beautiful statement meaning everlasting, eternal and never-ending – usually with regards to love.

What Is The Meaning of An Infinity Necklace

Each of the sides of the sign are equal (although variations are seen in jewellery making) which represents balance, harmony, male and female, light and darkness, breathing out and breathing in.

The coming together of both sides where they meet and become one are at the central point. Set in the centre of a simple chain necklace it can accentuate the infinity symbol.

gold infinity pendant with diamonds
Diamond Infinity Cross Necklace – Ruby & Oscar
Pandora 398821C01-50 Infinity necklace.

Pandora Infinity Necklace

Infinity Necklaces & Pendants

silver three name infinity necklace
Three Name Infinity Necklace

An infinity necklace not only holds great meaning for the wearer but the symbol looks really fabulous in jewellery.

This fabulous infinity necklace with hearts and up to three names of your choice which form part of the infinity sign. Available here from Juelia, this one is made in sterling silver.

An Infinity symbol can be crafted in any metal, with or without stones, and the symbol normally lays sideways. We’ve added a few of our favourite below.

Infinity Cross

lab created diamond infinity ring
Lab Created Diamond Infinity Cross Ring – Tru Diamonds

We love this diamond encrusted infinity symbol that wraps itself around the highly polished white gold cross. It is sure to become a treasured piece. The diamonds are lab-created and so kind to the earth.

In Christianity, the Infinity cross symbolises the everlasting love of Christ having no beginning and no end.

Infinity Bracelets

Gold Infinity Bracelet
Gold Infinity Bracelet

Infinity bracelets have the infinity symbol laying sideways across your wrist. This 18ct gold plated infinity sign bracelet, from Missoma, features a twisted infinity sign on a chunky, linked chain bracelet.

Infinity Rings

Infinity rings are loved by our customers and come with and without stones.

They don’t look heavy on your finger due to the openwork design.

The elegant design on the left of a simple polished, 18ct gold band encased in a diamond-studded infinity sign is just perfect.

Silver CZ Pave Infinity Ring

Gold Infinity Ring

Infinity Sign Earrings

Infinity Sign Drop Earrings – Neiman Marcus

In both drop and stud earrings styles, the infinity symbol is easily incorporated into earring designs, both in silver and gold.

We adore the hand-crafted look of these infinity earrings in a hook and drop design, which are so elegant and alluring, by award winning brand Devon Leigh.

infinity Brooches & pins

With the rise in the popularity of brooches and pins, we’ve found some beautiful infinity sign pins which, in the case of the pin on the left. With sparkles of cubic zirconia’s and gold-plated to keep costs down.

Or what about the 10k gold diamond set vintage brooch on the right? We think this is so beautiful and reminiscent of a dragonfly’s wings.

Equally good on a lapel or a scarf, these items of jewellery are so versatile.

gold infinity link necklace

Gold Infinity Link Necklace


Silver Ouroborus Infinity Bangle in silver
Silver Ouroborus Infinity Bangle – Nadrinessra on Etsy

An ancient snake symbol where it eats its own tail symbolised the infinite and called an ‘Ouroboros‘.

This was originally drawn as a circle but now takes on the shape of a sideways figure of eight. This probably derives from the mathematical meaning of the symbol but also from two circles, intertwined, meaning eternity and the cycle of birth and death.

Double Infinity Sign

Diamond Set Double Infinity Necklace – Zales

Created by two infinity symbols intertwined within the other, the double infinity sign design has become more well-known and sought after as the infinity symbol gained in popularity.

The diamond set necklace about is a perfect example of a double infinity symbol jewellery design. Crafted in rhodium plated sterling silver it is sure to capture admiring glances.

The double infinity symbol offered something that represented two people entwined as one and has become particularly popular in symbols used in tatoo’s, and this symbol was perfect.

The double infinity symbol also looks very Celtic in origin and Celtic designs have always been hugely popular jewellery symbols.


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