The Best Jewellery Advent Calendars for 2023

Christmas Best Jewellery Advent Calendar

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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but Advent Calendars are not what they once were!

Gone are the days when we were pleased to get a square of chocolate behind the cardboard window each morning – although there was something rather wonderful about opening those windows.

But Advent Calendars have progressed … A LOT! You can get advent calendars for almost anything it seems nowadays – from cheese to beer.

And, of course, our favourite – jewellery. What a treat to open a window each morning in the lead up to Christmas and discover a fabulous piece of jewellery?

Each year there are more and more fabulous advent calendars featuring jewellery. Even between 2022 and 2023 there is so much more choice. 

Herre, we look at the best Jewellery Advent Calendars for 2024 that we could find.

Some advent calendars are, understandably more expensive than others (wait until you get to the Tiffany advent calendar!).

Many jewellery advent calendars are 12 day calendars which are just as exciting. After things only really Christmassy 12 days before – and it also means you get a nicer gift behind each window than spreading it out over 24 days.  

Clogau Gold feature a calendar which runs from December 25 – January 5th. 

Best Jewellery Advent Calendars 2023


Missoma’s Advent Calendar has almost developed cult-like status and sells out incredibly quickly each year. For 2023 they have, once again, brought out a gold one or a silver one.  Both are for the 12 days before Christmas.

In addition to this, Missoma have also released their first ever Fine Jewellery edition.

All Missoma’s advent calendars are available for a very limited time and in limited numbers – they always sell out very quickly.

Missoma Advent Calendar – Silver £365

Featuring jewellery worth £803, this calendar has a jewel-tone interior with a mirror inside. With 12 boxes in gold foil which open to reveal 12 of the best-selling jewellery pieces.

We have listed the individual items below the image. 

The jewellery items included in the Missoma Silver Advent calendar are: 

  1. Lucy Williams Tiny Orb Hoop Earrings
  2. Lucy Williams Armour Cuff
  3. Interstellar Drop Bracelet
  4. Star Bracelet
  5. Mini Claw Charm Hoops
  6. Pavé Huggies
  7. Double Bar Studs
  8. Chubby Hex Huggies
  9. Chunky Claw Ear Cuff
  10. Lucy Williams Tiny Horn Necklace
  11. Harris Reed North Star Pearl Necklace
  12. Bobble Chain Choker
Missoma Silver Advent Calendar open
Missoma Advent Calendar 2023 – Silver

Missoma Advent Calendar – Gold £395

Missoma’s gold tone advent calendar at £395 features products which, if purchased individually would cost £917. 

With a similar interior to the silver calendar, it features the following, best-selling products:

  1. Amazonite Mini Pyramid Charm Hoops
  2. Lucy Williams Tiny Orb Hoops
  3. Lucy Williams Armour Cuff
  4. Interstellar Drop Bracelet
  5. Pavé Star Bracelet
  6. Prism Studs
  7. Pavé Huggies
  8. Double Bar Studs
  9. Zenyu Fan Gemstone Stud Earrings
  10. Lucy Williams Tiny Horn Necklace
  11. Harris Reed North Star Necklace
  12. Bobble Chain Choker

Missoma fine advent calendar

For the first time ever, Missoma is introducing a Fine Jewellery advent calendar. Featuring jewellery worth £3,496 it costs £2,295 and is a beautiful Christmas present in itself (hint, hint!). 


Missoma’s fine jewellery calendar contains the following pieces of beautiful jewellery:

  1. Fine Bar Stud Earrings
  2. Fine Diamond Heart Stud Earrings
  3. Fine Diamond Small Star Stud Earrings
  4. Fine Classic Small Hoop Earrings
  5. Fine Diamond Studded Huggies
  6. Fine Pearl Huggies
  7. Fine Pearl Organic Drop Mini Hoop Earrings
  8. Fine Square Snake Bracelet
  9. Fine Diamond Solitaire Trio Bracelet
  10. Fine Vervelle Chain Bracelet
  11. Fine Baroque Pearl Organic Pendant Necklace
  12. Fine Twisted Short Chain Necklace

Joma Jewellery Advent Calendar £159.99

Joma Jewellery advent calendar

As with anything Joma Jewellery seem to produce, their 12 Days of Spakle Advent calendar at £159.99 is one of the best with lots of silver or gold plated treats. 

Vogue commented that this is “the best most affordable jewellery advent calendar”. 

joma jewellery laying on boxes from advent calendarThe lovely part of this advent calendar is that the individual numbered boxes are housed inside a jewellery box which can be reused afterwards. 

pandora 12-day advent calendar £350

pandora 12-day advent calendar

Pandora are introducing their first advent calendar in 2023. Featuring products worth over £500 it is available for £350.

Pandora jewellery advent calendar

It features a full range of Pandora jewellery including:

  1. A silver Sliding bracelet
  2. Ice Murano Charm
  3. Openwork Charm
  4. 2 Clip charms
  5. Elevated Heart Necklace
  6. Elevated Heart Studs
  7. Moments small O Pendant
  8. Curb Chain Necklace
  9. £15 care kit (redeemed instor/online)
  10. Padlock and Key Charm Pendant
  11. Jewellery Box voucher (redeemed instore/online)
  12. Snowglobe charm
  13. Stocking charm


Oliver Bonas Advent Calendar

The 12 Days of Dazzle jewellery advent calendar from Oliver Bonas has lots of silver or gold plated treats, such as four pendants/necklaces, two bracelets, six pairs of earrings, some with tourmaline, green onyx or pearl. 

Great for layering, this is a gold-plated collection at a price that comes in at under £300.

Oliver Bonas Advent Calendar
Oliver Bonas 12 Days of Dazzle

Estella Bartlett Advent Calendars

With the option of a silver-plated or gold-plated version, these advent calendars are a better price-point for many at £180. Each Advent box contains jewellery and gifts (including a scrunchie and candle) valued at £348. 

Estella Bartlett Advent Calendar
Estella Bartlett Gold Advent Calendar
Lady opening drawer of jewellery advent calendar
Estella Bartlett Silver Advent Calendar

Swarovski Crystal Advent Calendar

Not exactly a jewellery advent calendar but crystals released in celebration of 100 years of Disney and so lovely we had to include it! This stunning 25-day advent calendar features 25 expertly cut Swarovski crystals, never before released and only available for the 2023 calendar. The pieces are sure to be collector’s items and feature 22 oranments in cut crystal as well as a set of two necklaces and sticker fun  oko

Swarovski crystal advent calendar

astrid & Miyu’s advent calendars

Astrid and Miyu – who are a much-loved jewellery brand with many adoring fans – have brought out three different jewellery boxes this year. 

With a 12-day calendar in either silver or gold-plated silver, a five-day solid 14k gold box or a sublime 24-day box in either sterling silver or gold-plated silver. 

The price point may be the deciding factor for which one to chose but they are all delightful and sure to be a lovely treat each December morning. 

three jewellery advent calendars from Astrid and Miyu

12 day advent calendar

Astrid and Myu Advent Calendar

Available in either a silver or gold version, this 12-day advent calendar from Astrid and Miyu. 

Featuring 12 sets of earrings, these advent calendars are loved by Astrid and Miyu fans. 

14k gold advent calendar

pink jewellery box of a jewellery advent calendar

Astrid and Miyu’s 14-carat advent calendar is sublime. Although it features just five pieces instead of the mainly 12 pieces from other advent calendars, these are crafted in 14k solid gold with white topaz stones or pearls.

close up on 14k gold advent calendar

The jewellery, which will be treasured a lifetime, is presented in a reusable three-tiered  jewellery box with a lifting lid with a mirror inside. 

24-day advent calendar

faux leather jewellery box for 24 day jewellery advent calendar

Another corker from Astrid and Miyu – this is a 24-day advent calendar for those who want to relish their jewellery each day for the entire month of December (and who doesn’t?!). 

Crafted in either rhodium-plated sterling silver or 18k gold-plated sterling silver, it features a full range of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and ear cuffs.

close up of 24-day jewellery advent calendar

24-day jewellery advent calendar

tiffany & co advent calendar

Just as you’d expect this fabulous advent calendar from Tiffany & Co oozes luxury and is the advent calendar you dream about. 

Tiffany & Co advent calendar boxes

It features 24 gifts including necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings, including those with diamonds and jewels (they don’t disclose exactly what items are inside). 

Each day your gift is labelled with a personalised label illustrated by the artist Andy Warhol. 

The box itself is a work of art with over 50 hours work to create it, featuring opening doors based on the iconic Tiffany boxes. 

Coming in at £110,000 you will need to book an appointment to purchase one. 

boxes from Tiffany & Co advent calendar

Crystal Advent Calendar 

For those who love their crystals this is a great little, inexpensive advent calendar which will be great fun throughout December.

A lovely choice to learn about those crystal. 

Advent Calendar 2023 Crystals Women- Christmas Countdown with 24 Beginners Chakra Healing Stones & Identification Sheet - Perfect for Learning, Collecting, and Decor - Gifts for Kids Adult

children’s crystal advent calendar

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Gemstone Advent Calendar 2023 - Advent Calendar for Kids with 24 Gemstones, Complete Rock Collection Christmas Countdown Calendar, Mini Gemstone Dig Kit (English-Only Version)

This is a fabulous advent calendar for kids with 24 crystals – including tiger’s eye, hematite, green aventuring and many more – culiminating in a special crystal (rose quartz) which needs to be unearthed from a miniature dig brick on Day 24. 

The advent calendar includes 5 jewellery pieces where the gemstone crystals can be set, to create their own unique pieces of jewellery. 

This is a great advent calendar for children and much better than chocolate each morning throughout December. 

To Sum Up …

We think these are the best of the advent calendars around a jewellery theme that we have spotted this year. 

We hope you are lucky enough to get one and, if you do, that you enjoy your treats throughout December. 

Whether you do or not, have a lovely Christmas anyway, from all of us here. 

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