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gold and opal ring Opulaent opal the birthstone for october

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There’s something so beautifully mysterious about opal jewellery. Each precious opal gemstone is quite unique and therefore no two pieces of opal jewellery, even in the same style, will look the same. This is caused by the wonderful rainbow of colours that are contained within each opal, called a “play of light”.

Shakespeare said of opal “that miracle and queen of gems”.

Opal is the birthstone for October and is the gemstone that celebrates the 14th Wedding Anniversary.

We talk about this in our blog “October Birthstone – Opal”. In this blog, we look at some of the best opal jewellery – from classic opal earrings, stunning opal necklaces and pendants as well as the most beautiful opal bangles and bracelets we could find.

Take a look and see if you get some inspiration from these wonderful shimmering gemstones.

Gold Opal Necklace

A beautiful Marquise-cut opal necklace set with seven gemstones in a 9ct gold setting. The fancy link chain sets this pendant apart not to mention the stunning opals.

Opal Initial Pendants

These gorgeous initial pendants with opals, from C W Sellors are available in either 9ct gold or 925 sterling silver, each have a polished opal gemstone set in the curve of each initial.

Antique Opal Riviere Necklace

This beautiful, perfectly shaped oval opals, in a graduation design, hang from a gold chain on this lovely antique opal necklace from Lilicoco. The necklace is a good length at 21 cm long and the design means the 21ct of opal gemstones lay really nicely against your neckline.

Chlobo Enlightened Pendant with Opal

Feel kissed by the sun in this beautiful 18ct gold on silver pendant set with a real opal.

Classic Oval Pendant and Stud Earrings

oval opal stud earrings
Opal Oval Studs – Gemondo

White Gold, Diamond and Opal Drop Earrings

Earrings don’t get much better than this! These divine 18ct recycled white gold earrings are set with over half-a-carat (0.58ct) of sparkling diamonds which surround a shimmering blue opal. Available from Annouschka here.

White Enamel Opal & White Opal Drop Earrings

In breathtaking blue opal, with a fabulous design of white enamel and sparkling white topaz, this is opal jewellery at its best! Two ovals of blue opal sit on top of each other, surrounded by a frame of enamel and topaz in a mismatched style.

Teardrop Opal Drop Earrings with Diamonds

A pair of opal earrings you will reach for again and again. These 9ct gold continental-style fitting earrings feature a teardrop-shaped shimmering opal with five sparkling diamonds set on the earring hook. The colours will go with any outfit and these earrings will go equally with casual wear or dressed up for a party.

Gold Victorian Style Five Opal Ring

You can’t talk about opal jewellery without looking at opal rings, and even the most classic of design can look simply sublime! This classic style ring has a timeless appeal, in solid gold this opal ring has been set with five shimmering opals in a fancy setting.

Luxury Ladies Victorian Style Solid Hallmarked 9ct Gold Genuine Fiery Opal Ring - Size Q

Blue Opal and Diamond Ring in Gold

A lovely take on a trilogy ring, this 9ct yellow gold ring features a central, oval opal with a rainbow of colours, surrounded on either side by a brilliant-cut diamond. Lovely and so sparkly!

Oval Opal and Diamond Gold Ring

A classic oval opal has been given a modern twist with three small diamonds sitting in a triangle or leaf design, each side of the main gemstone, oval. Set in a 9ct gold band and setting, this is a lovely modern twist on a classic ring.

Raw Opal Bangle

These rather lovely silver or gold plated bangles have been set with raw opals in an organic setting. A lovely piece to add to your opal jewellery collection.

opal bangle opal jewellery
Raw Opal Bangle – LeaSpirit on Etsy

To Sum Up…

There is an array of opal jewellery to choose from on the market. Necklaces can be slightly trickier is in finding opal necklaces with stones that don’t look too mismatched. With every opal gemstone being unique it is wonderful capturing that unique quality that IS what opals are about but, with a necklace, we don’t want the gemstones to look too mismatched.

Hopefully, this little collection will whet your appetite and tempt you to try this most wonderful of gemstones, the precious and stunningly beautiful, opal.

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