The Beauty of Personalised Jewellery – To Be Cherished Forever

Personalised Jewellery - Silver Script Necklace with Butterfly

Personalised Jewellery

Gold Heart Engravable Pendant
Engravable Heart Pendant in Gold

Giving jewellery as a gift is a very personal thing. Almost all of us can remember where each piece of jewellery we own came from.

Wearing a particular piece of jewellery may remind us of that wonderful holiday we took abroad from that fabulous little shop hidden away down a shaded side street, or happy days spent scouring the shops with our best friend. 

We remember how our sister gave us that cute little necklace one Christmas, or even the ring bought to celebrate our 21st birthday.  

Silver Engravable Necklace with Initial and Birthstone Crystal on model
Engravable Disc Pendant


We ALL seem to carry stories with our jewellery, but what can be more personal than jewellery that has been engraved or made specifically for us in some way.

In this blog, we are going to give you some inspirational ideas for wonderful, personalised jewellery gifts.

Some pieces are made especially to order with the recipients’ name, some are initial pendants or necklaces (in various styles) and we’ve also listed many items which can be engraved with the message of your choosing.

lady wearing large silver oval locket
Engravable Silver Locket - Hersey & Son

Nameplate Necklaces

These pretty nameplate necklaces, in 925 sterling silver can be made to order with the name of your choice and make perfect gifts. There are numerous fonts and chain types to chose from.

model wearing nameplate silver necklace
Nameplate Necklace - Abbot Lyon

Initial Pendants or Bracelets

An initial pendant is always a firm favourite for ladies and can be worn alongside other pendants. They can be purchased with a chain or without, so you can add a chain of your choice or wear your favourite one.

Of course, these initial charms make great personalised jewellery for her and can also be added to a bracelet. There are various styles, with or without gemstones and in gold or silver.

Silver Initial Pendants with CZ
Silver CZ Initial Pendants

Engravable Jewellery

All the items featured here are jewellery items that can be engraved.  With most pieces, you can choose the font and size of the engraving. 

Silver Heart T-Bar Bracelet
Heart Charm T-Bar Bracelet

There are just as many lovely gold jewellery designs suitable for engraving. Here are just a few designs.

We have many more styles available on our Engravable Jewellery section

Children's Engravable Jewellery

These are just a few ideas that make wonderful children’s gifts which can be engraved.

Engraving makes the gift even more special and something to be treasured a lifetime. 

rose gold children's christening bangle for engraving
Rose Gold with Diamond

Mens Personalised Jewellery

Men can be so hard to buy for at the best of times. Engraving a piece of jewellery for a man adds that extra touch that makes it so, so special. 

We have a number of different styles in men’s signet rings, both in silver or steel which can be engraved which men of any age seem to appreciate. A name or initials seem to be the favourite. 

If you would like a family crest, please do contact us as we have had these engraved for people in the past. 

What to Write on Personalised Jewellery

What you write on personalised jewellery will depend on the size of the piece of jewellery.  You can obviously fit a lot more characters on an identity bracelet than you can on the head of a signet ring.

Favourite ideas are to engrave initials, a name, a pet-name (or even a pet’s name!). 

Secret messages are lovely (we’ve engraved some lovely ones) and you don’t even need to tell us what they mean! 😉 

As previously mentioned, if you would like a family crest or motto engraved on something we can get this done although these sometimes need to be engraved by hand and so take longer to process. 

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