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radley nurses fob watch

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Sometimes called a belt watch, a nurses watch is called a fob watch, in which the wearer appears to tell the time upside down! The watch dial hangs from a short belt that is attached to a clip which you can pin to your nurses uniform. A nurse can simply glance down at the fob watch and read the time in a flash, without the need to fumble in a pocket or move his or her hands from what they are doing.

Fob watches are extremely practical and very hygienic. In the UK you are not permitted to wear an ordinary wrist watch if you work in healthcare so a fob watch or, even better, an engraved nurses watch is a perfect gift for a nurse.


The invention of a nurses fob watch was believed to have been started by an ingenious nurse who discovered that, by pinning a pocket watch upside down to her uniform, it offered a perfect solution to time-keeping without the need to keep touching the watch.

hunter pocket watch
Vintage pocket watch isolated on a white background with an open lid.

Hands-Free Time Telling

Offering a hands-free solution to telling the time, and timing things (whether it be whilst taking someones blood pressure) or knowing how long something has been cooking for), fob watches are not just for nurses.

Fob Watches are Practical

They offer a wonderfully practical solution for telling the time for anyone who works where they use their hands and reaching for or touching a watch is impractical or unhygienic.

Fob Watches are Hygienic

You simply can’t get a more hygienic way of ensuring you know what the time is, unless you are always work in an area where you can glance up at a wall clock.

Not Just For Nurses

This includes all healthcare workers, dental nurses, dentists and those who work in nursing homes. For those that care for someone at home, a fob watch can offer a wonderfully practical solution to time management.

We would even say they offer a practical solution for chefs and those who cook a lot – who wants food all over their wrist watch or run the risk of getting water in their watch as they constantly plunge their hands in water.

Fob Watches include a Second Hand

Fob watches are also required to have a second hand so that the user can count the passing of the seconds – this is obvioulsy important for nurses whilst taking a patients blood pressure.

Luminous Display

Most fob watches offer a luminous display for those who work night shifts and need to read the time easily in dim lighting conditions.

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Many fob watches are affordable enough that anyone can own one, starting with the silicone fob watches available at just £10 each!

TRIXES Silicone Nurse Pocket Watch with Brooch – Navy Blue Buy on Amazon Primeeligible

For many of us who regularly cook a big family meal or have dinner parties, or if we are the designated cook on Christmas Day, wearing a fob watch can make a difference in reassuringly keeping us on top of the schedule!


From bright and funky colours, as with the silicone fob watches, to Rolex look-alike styled fob watches, and plenty in between, there is something for everyone.

pink nurses fob watch
black doggie radley nurses fob watch

Perfect Nurses Gift

For someone who regularly wears a fob watch, it’s always nice to have a few options of fob watches to chose from depending on how your mood takes you – hence they make ap perfect gift for a nurse.


Even better, is to get a fob watch engraved with the recipients name. Apart from adding to keeping the watch secure, it adds a lovely personal touch to any present.

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