Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

a selection of jewellery for Mother's Day

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Jewellery Gift Ideas for Mothering Sunday

Mother's Day - A Quick History

Over 40 countries celebrate Mother’s Day around the world and the occasion often occurs sometime in either March, around the time of the Spring Equinox, or during May

Whilst society has celebrated mother’s way back in history, even since the ancient times in Greece and Rome, we have discovered that ‘Mother’s Day’ began from a Christian tradition of Thanksgiving started in the UK and Europe, which later developed into a celebration to Mother. 

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Engravable Heart Pendant - Muru

According to a fascinating article by, on the fourth Sunday in Lent people were called back to their local church (the “mother church”) for a service of thanksgiving to the Mother Mary. 

At the time there were many young men and women in service or completing apprenticeships, and many were given permission to be released for the day to attend and so families were often reunited for the day. It, therefore, became a day of honouring family and often small gifts were given.  

This tradition later waned, particularly in Europe, but was to evolve into more of a celebration of Mothers, rather than having religious meaning.  This happened when, during the Second World War, US soldiers stationed in the United Kingdom brought the Mother’s Day tradition of appreciation for mothers by the giving of flowers and small gifts which had already begun to occur in the USA.

Mother's Day in the USA

In 1905 in America a lady called Anna Jarvis, whose own mother had died many years earlier, declared that there should be an appreciation of Mother’s and the sacrifices they make. 

She organised the first celebration for Mothers in West Virginia. After it proved popular, she mounted a campaign to have the day recognised as a public holiday, arguing that most public holidays were in celebration of men. 

Her efforts succeeded when, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May would become the official USA holiday to celebrate Mothers.

Jarvis had used a white carnation to symbolise the day, “The carnation does not drop its petals, but hugs them to its heart as it dies, and so, too, mothers hug their children to their hearts, their mother love never dying,” Jarvis explained in a 1927 interview.²

Prices for white carnations started to rise as demand grew.  Then so too did red or pink carnations – these were said to symbolise living mothers and white carnations for mothers that had died. 

Ironically, as the day became more and more commercialised with gift card manufacturers and florists making the occasion a huge commercial affair, Anna Jarvis became more incensed at what she saw as profiteering from the idea. 

She was disturbed by what she saw as the gross commercialisation of the day and so she started campaigning against these companies and eventually even urged the government to renounce the days holiday!

She eventually put large sums of her own money into lawsuits to try to stop companies using the word “Mother’s Day” (which she had previously trademarked).  Ironically Anna Jarvis never married or had children herself. 

double heart necklace with CZ
Thank You Mother Necklace - Black Bow Jewelry

The highest number of phone calls around the world are made on Mothering Sunday?¹

say it with flowers

"Jewelry is the most popular Mother's Day gift"

Whilst flowers and flower-themed gifts for Mothering Sunday are still popular, according to March of Dimes,  the leading non-profit organisation for Pregnancy and Baby health in the US, the most well-received gift for Mother’s Day is jewellery.

gold diamond puffed flower pendant
Gold & Diamond flower Pendant - Carathea
Diamond flower stud earrings
Gold & Diamond Flower Stud Earrings - Carathea

Flower-themed jewellery can tick all the boxes for Mum at any time of year, but especially on Mother’s Day! 

silver and welsh gold heart pendant with white topaz
Eternal Love Pendant in Silver & Welsh Gold - Carathea


angel whisperer With Love locket
With Love Locket - Carathea

What could be more delightful on Mother’s Day than being given a locket?

A locket can be worn to hold a photograph or small token or lock or hair, close to the heart. 

Tree of Life Pendants and Necklaces

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Tree of Life necklaces and jewellery are very on-trend at the moment and come in many different styles, from a polished disc, or a spherical pendant or with gemstones added.

tree of life pendant with baltic amber leaves
Tree of Life Pendant Baltic Amber - Ruby & Oscar

Mother & Child jewellery

Mother and child engraved disc pendants
Mother & Child Engraved Discs Pendant - Muru

This beautiful disc necklace from Muru is in gold vermeil (a silver version is also available) and can be personalised with engraving on each disc. More discs can be added for additional children.

The mother and baby bracelet has a smaller, “baby” star nestling against a larger, “mother” star charm, which hangs on a beaded silver bracelet, this will be treasured for years to come.

A "Marvellous Mum" Bracelet

A Little Marvellous Mum Bracelet

Last but certainly not least, the much-loved-by-our-customers ‘A Little Marvellous Mum’ bracelet.

These bracelets are fabulous worn alone but are also frequently worn stacked with other bracelets. Each comes on its meaning card, in a ribboned box and with a gift card on which you can write your message.

This particular bracelet, the “Marvellous Mum” bracelet, has a meaning card which reads, “This little heart is just for you because your my Mum and I love you”.




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