How to Clean A Garnet Ring

How to clean a garnet ring

As you probably know, all gemstones are not equal when it comes to their chemical composition and subsequently, some gemstones need to be treated differently than others. If you’ve ever wondered how to clean a garnet ring, we’re here to explain the best method and products to use.

Some semi-precious and precious stones require more care and attention than others. You would not want to inadvertently damage a precious gemstone when cleaning it. Some items of jewellery, like marcasite, should not even have water used on it. Whilst garnet is not as delicate as that, care does need to be taken.

The Moh’s Hardness scale measures the hardness and, therefore, the resistance to scratching of minerals and gemstones, with diamond being the hardest at 10 on the scale and talc scoring 1. If you want to know more about the Moh’s Hardness Scale we have an article on it here.

A garnet gemstone measures between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale so it is relatively hard. But care needs to be taken as, if there are slight fractures in the stone they may have been filled and harsh cleaning will dislodge this.

how to clean your garnet ring
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How to Clean Your Garnet Ring

Your garnet ring can be easily and simply cleaned with lukewarm, soapy water. Use a very soft brush like a make-up brush or a jewellery/watch cleaning brush to reach around claws and behind the stones. 

We do not recommend using a brush with bristles or a toothbrush to clean garnets.

Dry your garnet ring carefully and buff with a lint-free cloth.

Alternatively, you can use a Diamond Dazzle Stik. These brilliant pen-like jewellery cleaning sticks are filled with a jewellery cleaning fluid with a soft brush at the end of the stick. Simply wet the brush, twist the cap and a little jewellery cleaning fluid will be dispersed onto the brush. Clean your garnet ring (and all other rings you want to clean) ensuring to reach behind the stone and around the claws. Then rinse with clear water and dry in the normal way.

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Garnet, set in either gold or silver, can also be cleaned in Dazzle Drops cleaning fluid. Simply drop your ring (and other jewellery that needs cleaning) into the basket provided and plunge into warm water for 30 seconds, with a few drops of Dazzle Drops liquid added. This is gentle enough to clean any precious and semi-precious jewellery yet packs a punch in the cleaning front. 

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Steam Cleaning

We don’t recommend harsh chemicals or steam cleaning on your garnets. 

Ultra-Sound Machines

Whilst ultra-sound machines should be safe although using this type of cleaning isn’t suitable for stones which may have fractures in them. As it’s often hard to tell if garnets have been fractured filled, it is not recommended to use an ultra-sonic machine to clean your garnets.

A Little Word on Storing Your Garnet Ring

As we have talked about previously in our blog on “Garnet, the Birthstone of January“, you should store your garnet jewellery away from other, harder gemstones like diamonds. It would be a good idea to keep your garnet ring in its box or a soft bag when you aren’t wearing it. This will also help to protect your softer gemstones, like pearls which are very delicate and could easily be scratched by your garnet ring.

To Sum Up …

A garnet ring, whilst not as scratch-resistant as a diamond, will still give you a lifetime of pleasure and pride wearing it and looking at it when looked after well. Cleaning it properly is part of the process of taking care of your garnet. We hope this article helps you in doing so.

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