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The Beauty of Feather Jewellery.

Feathers have provided great inspiration in jewellery making and body adornment for a long time.

The history of jewellery has evolved from man crafting items from animals (from their bones), birds (their feathers), fish (also with bones), seeds and precious stones.  

Whilst we don’t so much wear the actual feathers nowadays (although you do see real feather jewellery), the symbolism of feathers has played a large part in body adornment. 

Uno de 50 Feather Necklace
Uno de 50 Feather Necklace - Carathea

Feathers As Spiritual Symbols

Native Americans used feathers to demonstrate their connection to spirit and, more recently, many believe that when you see a feather, it marks a sign from an angel or a loved one who has passed.

Feathers symbolically represented the connection between the spiritual realm and ascension to the higher plane.

With the connection to birds, they also represent flight, freedom and travel.   

Thomas Sabo Magic Garden Feather Pendant
Thomas Sabo Secret Garden Feather Pendant
Thomas Sabo Secret Garden Feather Bangle
Thomas Sabo Secret Garden Feather Bangle

The Beautiful Shape Of A Feather

The beautiful shape and delicate lines of feathers mean that craftsmen have created some stunning pieces through the history of jewellery making.

Jewellery craftsmen and women could show off their jewellery making skills so well in moulding such intricate shapes such as a feather and display their stone-setting skills so perfectly in their adornment.

The shape and the detailing in the delicate vanes of a feather make it a perfect shape in which to craft jewellery.

A simple feather pendant such as these are always popular and make a most delightful gift.

Two-Tone Gold Feather Ring
Two-Tone Feather Pendant

Feminine and Delicate

A simple feather pendant such as these are always popular and make a most delightful gift. They look beautiful on, delicate and very feminine looking. 

Feather earrings are also a big hit, particularly drop earrings – the movement of the earring is very alluring. They have a certain bohemian look about them, a little like hoops, particularly if worn by someone with long hair. 

In fact, a very popular earring is a mixture of the two – a hoop and a feather – with the feather dangling from the hoop – the other advantage being that there will be no earring backs to fiddle with.

9ct White Gold and Diamond Feather Pendant
White Gold & Diamond Feather Pendant - Carathea

Feather Brooches

Feather brooches look fabulous against a coat, scarf or top. Ladies are even pinning brooches to their bags now!

This marcasite feather brooch is absolutely stunning with the individual marcasite pieces catching the light and producing a beautiful sparkle. 

silver Marcasite jewellery -in a feather brooch design
Silver & CZ Feather Pendant

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