29 Best Digital Watches

Diesel best digital watches


Digital watches have been on the market since the 1970’s and have gained a reputation for people who like  highly-functional timepieces, with lots of features, often at superb value for money.  

Many still have a retro, 1970’s-80’s style. 

As jewellers that offer a watch battery replacement service and watch repair workshop, we talk to a lot of people about their watches. We get to see those that withstand the test of time (excuse the pun!) and those that have recurring problems.

Here we look at, what we think, are the best digital watches out there today. 

Most of them offer great value for money and would make a worthy addition to any watch collection. 

Many have a plastic case and glass and this makes them quite resilient, with fewer smashed glasses.

The most expensive model has a massive amount of history and is an updated model of the first digital watch ever produced. 

If you want to read how digital watches compare to analog watches, read our post here.

Casio F-91W

Top of the best digital watches list is one of their bestselling watches and what is classed as “easy-reader”.

This watch looks really cool with a vintage appeal to it.

It is good choice for those who are sporty,

Fans of this watch, if the strap goes, will often just buy another watch as they are so reasonably priced.

Due to the small size of the watch, it also makes a good children’s watch and it’s easy to operate.

+ Lightweight
+ Easy to read
+ Clear display
+ 12/24 hour display
+ Alarm
+ Backlight

- The backlight is poor
- Straps perish before the watch does

Casio Men’s Digital Watch with Stainless Steel Strap

This is the same watch as above only with a harder-wearing stainless steel bracelet.

It has all the advantages, and disadvantages, of the plastic strap version shown above only the strap will be harder wearing and long-lasting.

Casio G Shock Solar Sports Watch

A great watch which is shock resistant and with lots of other features.

It is solar operated - meaning light will recharge the battery.

This watch has "Multi Band 6" meaning it uses radio waves to connect to the nearest Atomic clock and sets the watch to the correct local time according.

These Atomic clocks are in six positions around the world - Japan (there are two), the UK, North America, Germany and China.

+ Shock Resistant
+ Backlight
+ Alarm
+ 12/24 hour display
+ Comfortable silicone strap
+ Solar Powered
+ Sets itself to local time (Atomic) - no setting necessary!
+ Rugged and tough


In 1972, Hamilton watches changed the way the world told time with the debut of the Hamilton Pulsar, the worlds first digital watch.

It even featured on James Bond's wrist in 1973 in the film "Live and Let Die".

Fifty years later, the Hamilton PSR celebrates the launch of that revolutionary first digital watch.

Now this game-changing invention is re-introduced, and brough back to the future, this time with a hybrid display.

+ 100m water resistant
+ Huge history from the company that invented digital watches with this model

Hamilton American Classic Watch

Hamilton created the first digital watch back in 1972 and this watch is a throwback to that design - this time with black PVD and red digits.

Hamilton were trailblazers and not only made the first digital watch in 1972 but also made the first battery operated (quartz) watch.

They know a thing or two about watches!

+ Water-resistant to 100 meters.
+ Great design
+ From the company that invented digital watches

Timex Classic Digital 34mm Watch

A lovely retro-style watch with an expanding stainless steel watch.

This watch has a much better backlight than other digital watches and it also has an alarm and is water resistant to 30 meters.

+ Expanding strap
+ Good backlight
+ Alarm
+ Water Resistant

Casio G Shock Solar Sports Watch

A great watch which is shock resistant, and has lots of other features.

Solar battery operated - meaning light will recharge the battery.

This one also has "Multi band 6" which means is uses radio waves to connect to the nearest Atomic clock (in six positions around the world - Japan (twice), UK, North America, Germany and China) and sets the watch to the correct time accordingly.

+ Shock Resistant
+ 12/24-hour display
+ Silicone watch strap
+ Solar Battery Operated
+ Multi-Band 6 (sets via Atomic clock) therefore no setting needed.

Casio Women's LA670WG-1 Daily Alarm Digital Watch

With a countdown time of 1, 3, 5, 10,15, 30 and 60 as well as a stopwatch, and day/date function. This is a best-selling Casio watch, for those who like gold-tone watches, it ticks all the boxes for a digital ladies watch.

+ Compact and Elegant
+ Countdown Timer
+ Water Resistant to 10m

- No backlight

ladies Casio stainless steel watch LA670W

The same watch as above only in silver-tone stainless steel. This watch is small and neat, unlike so many digital watches. Brilliantly functional and a real value-for-money watch, it looks neat and will go with any outfit.

+ Compact & Elegant
+ Countdown Timer
+ Water Resistant to 10m

- No Backlight

Nixon Regulus Black

With a choice of colors this watch has a unisex style that is modern and trendy whilst also being rugged and tough.

It has a really easy-to-read display plus a real bonus is the “locking” keeper.

This is where the end of the strap tucks into the keeper and locks n place. We have had lots of customers come to us for replacement keepers in other watches with silicon rubber straps, so this is a great detail that shows how Nixon think about everything.

+ Easy-to-read dial
+ Locking Keeper
+ Choice of colours
+ Rugged and Tough


With a resin strap and a plastic resin case, a stop watch and plastic case.

+ Water Resistant to 100-meters
+ Resin Strap
+ Plastic Case
+ Great Value for Money
+ Good also for a Children's watch

Casio Unisex Watch A168WG

Another classic-looking Casio, this time in a gold-tone finish, this watch is unisex design that seems to suit anyone.

With a hard-wearing stainless steel bracelet and reliability you know you will get with Casio.

+ Elaspsed time, split time and final time
+ 1/100th second accuracy
+ Automatic Calendar (once set)
+ Chime for alarm
+ Full Screen Illuminator

Timex Ironman Digital Watch

The Indiglo light is stronger than most digital watch back lights so this a bonus if this is an important feature for you.

With neat buttons the look is streamlined and neat.

This is smaller than some other digital watches so suits a man with a smaller wrist or women and children.

+ Available in multiple colors
+ Stop Watch
+ Alarm
+ Countdown Timer
+ Water Resistant to 100 meters (great for swimming)
+ Stronger than average back light
+ Lap counter
+ Good for runners

Transparent casio watch

Available in a full range of colours, although the transparent watch shown here is hugely popular.

This is one of their best-selling watches and in a great vintage design, worthy of a place in the best digital watches list.

+ 12/24 hour
+ Stopwatch
+ Daily Alarm
+ Hourly Time Signal (if set)
+ Calendar
+ Water Resistant
+ LED Light
+ 30m Water Resistant

- Resin Case

Casio G-Shock XL Solar Chronograph in Black

There's good reason so many Casio G-Shock watches hit the best digital watch lists - they are great watches!

This one is based on the GX-56 model which is designed to withstand impact from any direction.

It is a large watch so won't suit everyone but it looks so cool in the all-black resin.

+ Solar Powered Battery
+ 54mm wide (it's a large watch)
+ Designed to be tough
+ 5 Alarms
+ Stopwatch
+ 200 meters water resistance
+ Backlight

Casio AE-1200WH-1AVCF

Another classic Casio with an octagonal dial. In black with silver coloured pushers. This watch features a comprehensive World Timer.

+ Stopwatch,
+ Countdown timer
+ World time indicator
+ Five Alarms
+ LED display with afterglos
+ Water Resistant 100m
+ Ribbed Resin Strap
+ World Time Zone Map (showing 48 cities)
+ Auto Calendar (no need to rest for 30-day months)

Casio AE-1200WHD-1AVCF

A similar model the previous Casio only with a stainless steel case and bracelet.

With mulit-function dial, world timer, LCD display.

Incredible value for money.

+ Water Rresistant to 100m
+ Wrold Timer (shows 31 time zones & 48 cities)
+ 5 Daily Alarms
+ 2 Hour Alarms (if set)
+ 10-year battery


With a great mix of contemporary and classic with the iconic 1978 PRX design, it boasts great features and two size options.

+ Dual Time Zones
+ Day/Date
+ Chronograph
+ Water Resistant to 100m

Casio Men's Digital Quartz Watch with Plastic Strap

The rubber strap and dial are printed in patterns that seem to distort time and space in vibrant fluorescent colours that transport you into the world of science fiction.

This stand-out digital DW-D5600 watch features an impressive 200M water resistancy and has multi-function alarms, a useful EL backlight, a stopwatch and a timer.

+ 200m Water Resistant
+ ALarm
+ Backlight
+ Stopwatch
+ Timer

- Not for those who don't like being noticed!

Bulova Archive Series - Computron Watch in Silver/Blue

With a design that looks both futuristic and retro at the same time.

It has fabulous bright blue LED digits which contrast so well with the polished trapezoid-shape bracelet.

This watch looks better on even than the images suggest.

A fabulous watch.

+ Suitable for smarter occasions.
+ Futuristic desing

Storm Circuit MK2

This watch still deserves a mention despite now being discontinued - although you can still see some models on Ebay, including new ones (like this one).

Made by Storm London who lead the way in design-led watches.

It uses a novel way of telling the time. Digital “windows” light up when you press the side button to tell you what the current time is. With the hours marked down the left hand side and the minutes past on the right-hand side.

For many years we have sold Storm watches and our customers loved them.

Storm London is a great British watch brand that is famous for its coloured glass it uses in many of its watches. They are well-made and many of their designs become collectors items.

+ Collectable
+ Iconic Designs
+ British Watch Company
+ Futuristic

Nixon Re-Run Chronograph Watch

This unisex watch features a stainless steel bracelet, black screen and has a backlight.

Designed to suit an active lifetstyle, like all Nixon watches, this watch exudes beautiful design with functionality.

The octagonal case is very modern and up-to-date.

+ Unisex
+ 30-metres water resistance
+ Backlight
+ Date Function

Armani Exchange Blue Nylon

With 100-meters water resistance, this durable and hard-wearing watch has a nylon case and rubber strap.

The rich blue colour is fabulous. With a digital and analog dial, this ticks all the boxes.

+ Date Function
+ 100 meters water resistance
+ Rubber Strap
+ Nylon Case
+ Trendy Design

Casio Women's Vintage LA11WB-1 Sport Black Resin Band Watch

Another fabulous watch for the ladies with a dial border in blue.

This watch is available in three colours.

With and alarm and a perpetual calendar, this is a small and neat watch (with a 26mm case).

This watch has many fans who have previously purchased it and buy it again.

+ Alarm
+ Stopwatch

- No Backlight

Casio Collection Unisex Adults Watch AQ-230A

Perhaps we are slightly stretching the criteria for "best digital watches" by including this analog and digital watch.

Many customers love the combination of analog and digital display.

+ 2nd Location Time setting available
+ Elapsed, split and final time measured to 1/100th second accuracy
+ Daily Alarm
+ Automatic Calendar


With a beautiful, graduated colored dial and black fabric strap which is hard-wearing and robust.

+ Nylon Case
+ Fabric Strap
+ 50-meters water resistance
+ LCD dial


This best digital watch has a mesh strap and vintage look.

The blue dial suits a lady perfectly and contrasts to the dial behind.

+ Water Resistant
+ Suitable for ladies or children
+ Mesh Strap
+ Blue on Black color

Casio Unisex Digital Watch With Calculator CA-53W-1ER

Another Casio in the best digital watches - they are hard to beat and people love their watches, buying them again and again.

This one has a calculator which many people find very useful

+ 8-digit Calculator
+ Dual time
+ Alarm
+ Stopwatch
+ Hourly time signal
+ Retro 1980's styling

Goldenhour Ultra Thin Miniamlst Digital Watch

This is a good, basic and inexpensive digital watch that has a minimalist design, a thin body and is water resistant to 50m.

+ Waterproof to
+ Minimalist Deisgn
+ Slimline Deiign
+ Backlight
+ 12/24 hour display
+ Day/Date display
+ Stopwatch
+ Alarm
+ PU Rubber Strap
+ 50 meters water resistant

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