17 Best Diamond Earrings for Men: Treat Yourself to the Real Thing

diamond earrings for men

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Men’s earrings are a popular purchase and you don’t get much better than diamond earrings for men. As there are plenty of fabulous designs around we thought we’d highlight some of the best that we’ve seen.

For a man who’s got his ear(s) pierced, diamond earrings have got to be one of the perfect gift ideas. 

Singles or Pairs?

Many diamond earrings for men come as a single earring – although there are lots of options for men’s earrings sold in pairs. If you particularly want a pair of men’s earrings, do check the description carefully to see if that’s what you’ll be buying.

If you’re struggling to find something you like, even from our fabulous list below, and you want a pair of earrings for men instead of a single try looking in the ladies earrings section. There are many styles to chose from there that aren’t too frilly or fussy. 

Diamond Earrings for Men

Whether it be a stud, a dangle or a hoop, jewelry designers recognise that men value their style too and often want to wear the real thing when it comes to gemstones and not just a cubic zirconia (which, of course, look great and have their place and are a fabulous starting point). 

But if you want to push the boat out, feel a little more affluent, don’t worry there are now plenty of men’s earrings that have been set with real diamonds. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds

And don’t forget the new kid on the block, lab-grown diamonds – chemically identical, only having the advantage of also being flawless and colourless (which is the most desirable achievement in natural diamonds and incredibly rare – and expensive!). Lab-grown diamonds are often a fraction of the price of mined diamonds. 

The Best Diamond Earrings for Men

Here’s what we think are currently the best diamond earrings for men. Some we’ve displayed in white gold but they can be purchased in yellow gold or even silver. We suggest that if you would like the earring in a different metal, that you click through and look at the product description as they may have other options available.

Classic Diamond Solitaire Studs

The all-time classic, a brilliant cut diamond solitaire single stud earring in white gold – also available in yellow gold. With 0.38ct of diamond, this earring will offer quite a lot of sparkle and will go with any outfit.

14ct Gold & Black Diamond Sunflower Earring

For the trend-setters out there who love to push the boundaries, this fabulous sunflower stud earrings is modelled in 14ct yellow gold with looks quite edgy against the deep black diamond.

14ct White Gold Cross Hoop Earrings (Pair)

Also available in yellow gold, these sparkling hoop earrings have a fabulous cross emblem incorporated into the design. These are a little more discerning than some of the chunkier huggies but the twinkling diamonds ensure you’ll stand out.

14K White Gold 1/4 CTW Diamond Cross J Hoop Earrings, 9 x 12mm

from: Black Bow Jewelry Co.

10mm Hinged Black Diamond Hoops (Pair)

These huggies style earrings feature 38 genuine black diamonds sparkling in a prong setting. These fabulous hoops are set in 14k White Gold and are just 2.5mm wide with a 10mm drop.

10mm Black Diamond Hinged Round Hoop Earrings in 14k White Gold

from: Black Bow Jewelry Co.

Solid Gold Diamond Mini Comet Single Stud Earring

Perfect for men or ladies, this gorgeous little stud earring set with a square diamond is for those who like a neat little earring with a little bit of sparkle.

White Gold and Diamond Huggie (Single)

With a huge choice of different colored diamonds to chose from, this huggie may also be set with other gemstones.

Silver & Black Diamond & Onyx Huggie Hoop Earrings

With a fabulous modern look of cool onyx against polished silver, next to the deep sparkle of black diamonds this huggie hoop earring can be purchases as a single or a pair of huggies.

Gold Skull Earring with Diamond Eyes

Stainless Steel Square Stud Earring with Black Diamonds

With a ¼ carat of heat-treated black diamonds these stud earrings (a pair) really dazzle as you move.

icon icon

Skull and Dagger Hoop Earrings

With an edgy look and a quirkly mis-matched appearl, these are a more casual approach to diamond earrings for men.

Men’s ¼ Carat Black Diamond Round Stud Earrings 14ct Gold

Set with both black and white diamonds, these 14ct yellow gold diamond earrings for men feature a round stud and make a lovely change from a single colour stud earring.

Men’s Single Square Stud with Diamonds

With a lovely checkerboard effect, these silver square stud earrings has been set with four mini-pavé stud earrings.

men's single silver square stud earring set with diamonds
Silver Square Earring set with Diamonds – Carathea

14ct Gold 0.29 ct Diamond Huggie Earrings with Cross

With nearly a 1/3 of a carat of diamonds, this sublime single huggie earring in 14ct yellow gold is fine and delicate, with the added movement of the cross dangle which moves as you do.

Men’s Drop Earring with Australian Blue Opal & Diamond

Sold as a single earring, this stunning earring features the beautiful vibrant blue of the Australian opal, alongside azurite semi-precious stone between which is a sparkling diamond. If you like something that no one else has and fancy a splash of colour to your outfit, you need look no further than this.

With raw azurite stones, a real Australian opal and a solitaire diamond these mesmerising drop earrings really do suck you in, like the night sky of Bora Bora from where the inspiration of the design originated. 

14k Gold Diamond Medium Link Hoop Earring

A wonderfully modern take on a hoop earring, this link hoop has an edgy and masculine look. A thoroughly modern style which is sure to turn heads.

Black Diamond Stud Earring in Silver

This hexagonal-shaped has a classic yet modern look, with a central black diamond it is surrounded by pavé-set black diamonds to add a little sparkle to your ear.

Lab-Grown 2 ct Princess Cut Stud Earrings

For those who find it important to shop for lab-grown diamonds rather than mined diamonds, these fabulous princess-cut solitaire studs may fit the bill. Set into 18ct yellow gold clad mounts they, of course, are pristine white and completely flawless.

The Bottom Line

Diamond earrings for men need not be complicated or difficult and certainly doesn’t need to rob the bank. We hope this has given you plenty of ideas, in silver, steel and gold.

If looked after well, particularly with LOX earring backs which is guaranteed to keep them secure, whichever earrings you chose you will be able to confidently wear your diamonds with style.

Less diamond eyes but diamond ears, instead!

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