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This blog is mainly written by Denise has been a jeweller for nearly twenty years. In the past she has had three jewellery shops. She now continues to own and run Jools, in Bridgwater, Somerset, UK, which she’s had since 2006. She is also online at

Denise Finch and Jonathan in Carathea & Jools jewellers in Bridgwater
Denise & Jonathan in their shop Jools

Denise had many years of retail experience before opening her own shop. She grew up in a family retail business, helping her parents in all of their shops – from their clothes shops, cane furniture shop, pet shop, greengrocers and their jewellers – working wherever they needed her, from her young teenage years until her mid-thirties.


Denise opened her own first shop when the youngest of her three children was just three years old and her oldest child was nine.

Whilst loving her job, for many years it was incredibly stressful juggling young children. She felt she had ten years of rushing everywhere! Many times the children had to go to work with her with stacks of toys and craft materials!

But her beautiful children survived the ordeal and are all now grown up and are very proud of their hard-working Mum who achieved everything herself – it must have rubbed off because all three “children” are incredibly hard-working themselves. They have all helped her in the jewellers at times in their life (Carly, Denise’s youngest child, drew the image of the front of the shop below!).

Denise is incredibly grateful for the solid love of her partner and children who have always been the ones rooting for her. She literally couldn’t have done it without their unwavering love, support and encouragement.

Jools Jewellery Bridgwater - About us - 
 Carathea and Jools
©JoolsJewellery Ltd – Carathea & Jools – drawn by Carly Tait


Denise started this blog because so many of us love talking about watches and jewellery. She is prompted by the daily questions and conversations she has with customers in her jewellers.

Denise also loves writing and this was a wonderful way to combine the two.

There is a never-ending range of questions to answer, subjects to talk about and things to research in jewellery. From the materials used, how-to guides, the symbols used in jewellery and the stories behind them to the fascinating history of gemstones, there are so many interesting subjects to blog about.


linework portrait of Denise

We hope you enjoy reading the articles in this blog and, should you have any questions or would like a particular subject covered, please let us know by writing to us here.

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