13 Of The Best Threader Earrings

Gold Threader Earrings with Crystals

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Threader earrings are a perfect way to achieve a fine, minimalist or layered look to your jewellery. 

They are gaining in popularity and, if you don’t know much about these earrings you don’t know what you’re missing! You may have spotted are threaders on the models on catwalks in magazines and television and, subsequently, they are becoming quite a thing.

We have written a whole blog post on exactly what threader earrings are, including the different ways of wearing them and precautions to take whilst buying and inserting a threader earring. You can read it here.

But, in this article, we’re going to showcase what, we think, are the best threader earrings that we could find at the moment.

1. Silver Threader Earrings with Ball

A perfect start for those who are new to threader earrings, gently slide the end bar through your ear and slide the chain through until the ball rests against your lobe. The great thing is that no earring backs are needed with this style of earring.

2. Gold Threader Earrings with Ball

The perfect introduction to threader earrings for those who love gold instead of silver, or find only gold suits their skin because of allergies to other metals. Draw the end post through your piercing and slide the fine chain through until the ball rests against your ear lobe.

3. Gold Threader Earrings With Crystal

For those who love a little sparkle, without going over the top, these 9ct gold threader earrings with crystal are perfect.

4. Micro Statement Threader Earrings with Amethyst in 9ct Gold

We love the mis-matched look of these threader earrings with the prettiest amethyst gemstones in different shapes. The curved solid gold thread means these earrings will stay in place.

Micro Statement Threader Earrings with Amethyst in 9ct Gold – Gemondo

5. Silver Sweet Crystal Moon & Star Pull Through Threader Earrings – Amazon

Simple, inexpensive and trendy, these crystal moon and star earrings a perfect start to threader earrings.

iszie jewellery sterling silver sweet crystal moon and star threader pull through earrings,

6. Silver With With Gold Plating Star Threader Earrings – Amazon

Staying with the celestial theme how about these sweet and sparkly star earrings? We love the lightweight look of the openwork design. These are gold plated silver earrings.

JO WISDOM Women Earrings,925 Sterling Silver Star Threader Pull Through Earrings with AAA Cubic Zirconia with White Gold Plated

7. Garnet Heart Threader Earrings in 9ct White Gold

For those who love the look of white metals but love the luxury of gold, or who find other metals irritate their ears, these white gold earrings have been set with garnet gemstones in the shape of a heart. Garnet is the birthstone for January and so will make a wonderful surprise and a perfect birthday gift.

Garnet Heart Threader Earrings in 9ct White Gold – Gemondo

8. Gold Threader Earrings with CZ Cross

A lovely way to wear a cross, these sparkling cross theaders can be worn at varying lengths to really mix it up. Gorgeous and very on trend.

9. 1/3 Carat Diamond Threader Earrings in 14ct White Gold

The ultimate in threader earrings, these 14ct white gold threader earrings from Littman Jewellers have 1/3 of a carat of scintillating diamonds, creating exquisite sparkle as you move.

1/3 Carat Diamond Threader Earrings in 14ct White Gold – Fred Meyer Jewelers

10. Gold Large Pearl Drop Ear Threaders

A beautiful large pearl dangle forms these exquisite pearl drop ear threaders. Pearls suit everyone and these natural shaped pearls tick all the right boxes.

Gold Large Pearl Drop Ear Threaders – Lily & Roo

11. Gold on Silver Swirl Threader Earrings

With a beautiful lightweight design and elegant shape, we think in 14ct gold on silver will be favoured by even the most discerning lady and will suit even the dressiest occasion.

12. Blue Topaz Threader Earrings in Silver

With a sparkling briolette-cut blue topaz gemstone creating a lovely play of light as you move, these blue topaz threader earrings in sterling silver are sure to get noticed.

gold plated and blue topaz drop threader earrings
Gold Blue Topaz Scintilla Earrings – Q P Jewellers

13. Silver Mini Pearl Ear Threaders

For those who love pearls these silver threader mini pearl earrings are a must. This pair of threader earrings will look perfect dressed up for daytime wear or an evening out.

silver threader earrings with mini pearls

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